House A

Property Use Size Floor Area Purchase price
Apartment 13.5GF
Apartment 24.5GF
Apartment 34.51st floor
Apartment 43.51st floor
Apartment 53.51st floor
Apartment 64.52nd floor
Apartment 74.52nd floor
Apartment 83.5Attic floor
Apartment 93.5Attic floor

House B

Property Use Size Floor Area Purchase price
Apartment 14.5GF
Apartment 2Foreign contingent available3.5GF132 m2CHF 1'230'000
Apartment 33.51st floor
Apartment 44.51st floor
Apartment 53.52nd floor
Apartment 64.52nd floor
Apartment 74.5Attic floor/Gallery
Apartment 84.5Attic floor/Gallery
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Project facts

Foreign contingent

There is a limited foreign contingent for all apartments.

Payment schedule according to construction progress

30% upon notarization, 30% upon completion of the shell construction, 40% upon moving in.


Closing costs

The buyer shall bear the notarial costs, land register fees, and real estate transfer tax of 2.3% (excluding VAT) of the purchase price.

Customization/buyers’ requests:

Buyers’ requests can be considered depending on the construction progress. Additional/reduced cost according to separate agreement.

Definition of the sold square-footage

Gross floor area including inside and max. 30cm outside walls, as well as 0% of the basement, 33% of the patio/seating area and 50% of the balcony.